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Category «Applied Cybersecurity»


Cybersecurity takes more than a few cyber geeks.

Cybersecurity is a holistic approach that is not limited to computers.

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Encrypted Phone – Most Secure Phones + How to make

How secure is an encrypted phone? How does it work? This guide explains the phone + how to make your own for free. Let’s get started! What is an encrypted smartphone? A encrypted phone is a smartphone or keypad phone built for encrypted and non-interceptable communication. The recipient needs a compatible encryoted phone for the …

Remove Malware – 4 Ways explained Step-by-Step (2023)

Guide Malware entfernen- Steffen Lippke

How can I remove malware? Your computer is infected with a virus, Trojan or other malware … … this guide is intended to give a beginner’s introduction to malware removal. Let’s start! What is Malware? Malware is software with a deliberately unwanted function. Unwanted functions can be: The difference to an error (bug) in a …