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What comes after the cloud? The anti-cloud is taking off!

Die Anti Cloud erklärt Tutorial - Steffen Lippke Coding Lab

Cloud – a trend. But what comes next? The experts see “the anti-cloud” on the horizon. What will that be? And why? 1 What is an anti-cloud?2 The hidden disadvantages of the cloud3 Tutorial – Your first anti-cloud3.1 Correct planning3.2 The right hardware3.3 Flexible software for you4 Disadvantages of the anti-cloud4.1 How can a person …

How to Build a Home Server – Your Homelab on Budget

Homeserver Guide - Coding Tutorials Steffen Lippke

Building a home server? How can this be done quickly, easily and without a lot of subsequent maintenance? This guide gives you the answers to these questions! Let’s get started! 1 Why do I need a home server?1.1 #1 The best price-performance ratio1.2 #2 All customization1.3 Own your data2 Cost trap or savings2.1 Is the …

Track Phone Location – Find Persons in Stealth Mode

Track Phone Location

Have you ever wanted to locate someone else’s mobile phone? … if you have lost your own mobile phone or have been looking for your loved one. This tutorial is the complete guide with all questions and answers about the legal situation and technology. Let’s start! 1 The basics of tracking1.1 Signals from space – …

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