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Software Engineering

Software is not just software.

Excellent software should please users, developers and management and generate added value.

Steffen introduces you to Clean Code, design principles, software architecture, DevOps and other concepts…

Jenkins Pipeline Syntax Tutorial – Beginners Guide (2023)

You need a Jenkins tutorial? Here is the complete introduction to CI / CD. Let’s get started! What is Jenkins? Jenkins is a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI /CD) software that automates many steps in the development and release of software. Continuous integration means that all progress made by developers during the day is …

Improve Page Loading Speed – Your Time Advantage

How do I improve the loading time of my website? Why do some websites with images load faster than text websites? You will find the necessary knowledge in this tutorial! Let’s start. Why should the website be a few seconds faster? Why should I optimise the loading time at all? Isn’t a functioning website enough? …

Databases Types – The 8 Examples You Need To Know

Which database examples should one know? What are the differences? Which one should I choose? These are the questions this article aims to clarify. Let’s begin! So many databases – Why? There are hundreds of databases on the market. Their task is to store, change and read data. Depending on the application, budget and hardware, …

Learn to Code – 10 Steps to Learn Coding for free (2023)

Do you want to learn how to program? Do you want to write your own apps and code nice games? Then this is the right tutorial for you. Get started with this tutorial without any previous knowledge. Let’s get started! Why should I learn to code? Programming is the key skill of the 21st century. …

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