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Category «Hacking»

Hacking is the art of exploiting.

An exploit is the exploitation of a vulnerability.

Read this blog to learn how to protect your systems from hacks by understanding hacking.

How to use Shodan – Stop IoT Threats effectively

How can I understand the IoT threat? And what does Shodan have to do with it? This guide explains everything you need to know about this topic. Let’s get started! What is IoT? “Internet of Things” is another great buzzword that every 2nd startup is advertising with today. Any technical device that is connected to …

How to Hack a Phone – 10 tricks for beginners + Tools 2023

I’ll show you how to hack a phone easily! I explain 10 ways how you can hack a smartphones (iPhone / Android) without much computer knowledge. Each strategy is explained step-by-step! Let’s start. Introduction for non-geeks Choose between the following two paths if you want to hack a phone. Both ways are used by spys …

Encrypted Phone – Most Secure Phones + How to make

How secure is an encrypted phone? How does it work? This guide explains the phone + how to make your own for free. Let’s get started! What is an encrypted smartphone? A encrypted phone is a smartphone or keypad phone built for encrypted and non-interceptable communication. The recipient needs a compatible encryoted phone for the …

How to Bypass a Paywall – 4 Best Free Tools 2023

How to Bypass a Paywall? Here’s your guide for many of your favourite websites! Let’s get started! What is a paywall? Website operators use paywalls to allow only paying customers access to content. Often the content can be found on their website or in your search engine, but the website only partially displays the content. …

29 Hacking Tools – Free Hacker Tools + Software (2023)


Do you know the best 29 hacking tools for every ethical hacker? What tools are available on the internet to crack passwords, search for vulnerabilities and to break out operating systems? Here are the TOP 29! Aren’t hacking tools illegal? This list should be illegal! Breaking into other people’s systems without permission is not allowed …

Learn Hacking – 10 Steps from Beginner to Hacker [2023 Guide]

Want to learn hacking? This is your beginner’s guide. This article explains you 2 strategies: Let’s get started! Why should I learn hacking? Many legal reasons motivate legal “white hats” worldwide to get involved with this topic. I hack because, … Is hacking illegal? You are allowed to hack if you penetrate your own systems …

Remove Malware – 4 Ways explained Step-by-Step (2023)

Guide Malware entfernen- Steffen Lippke

How can I remove malware? Your computer is infected with a virus, Trojan or other malware … … this guide is intended to give a beginner’s introduction to malware removal. Let’s start! What is Malware? Malware is software with a deliberately unwanted function. Unwanted functions can be: The difference to an error (bug) in a …