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The Impossible List

An IMPOSSIBLE LIST (Part 1) is the better bucket list (list of things you want to have done before the end of your life). You divide goals into smaller sub-goals to implement each day. Everyone should publish part of his/her list and keep the other part (Part 2) to themselves:

🔨 5 Goals are in Progress

  1. 🔒 Security: Security in Pipeline Processing
  2. 🖋 Blog: New blog post every week
  3. 💼 Career: Take off in a new job
  4. 🏈 Sport: Screwing on all devices

Share your Impossible List in the comments! No goal is too big to break down into sub-goals and achieve each sub-goal.

💻 Security + Coding – Experiments

Coding with Ionic

Code times one [Buzzword of the Month]

  • Developing your own PWA (01/03/2019 Stop2Bore)
  • Understanding the basics ofquantum computing (20/11/2019)
  • Write a quantum computer program and run it on a real one
  • Update PGEI website content (31.01.2020)
  • Learning the basics of blockchain (31.12.2018)
  • Neural network basics (23.03.2018 Freecodeamps course)
  • An API in GOlang
  • Working with Docker (10.10.2020)
  • System-wide integration tests (03.01.2022)
  • Writing an API in Flask (05.02.2021 for NLP project)
  • Developing meaningful applications with blockchain
  • Try out Map-Reduce in MongoDB or in H-Base (10.10.2021)
  • Get Kubernetes cluster working and experimenting with Node.js and Laravel API (11.10.2019)
  • Release Stop2Bore on 10 more platforms
  • Content production for Stop2Bore with 8x 1000 word posts and with 10x 1000 word posts (25.10.2019)
  • Meaningful application of Splunk in private use e.g. Connected Home – electricity consumption, water consumption Splunk Post
  • Making a usable commit to an open source project (03.03.2022)
  • Write your own encryption algorithm
  • Website with 100 Google Speed Index that looks good (08/01/2019)
  • Create Hacke [X] tutorials
    • Smartphone(link)
    • (opens) Wifi(link)
    • Instagram (20.03.2020) in Google Speed
  • Self-sign RSA certificate for websites locally (07.07.2019)
  • Set up and verify your own CA (20.12.2022)
  • Write functional PWA with camera, notification + gesture integration (01.02.2022)
  • Release Stop2Bore on 10 more platforms, SourceForge, CNet, APKPure, Getjar
  • Build a neural network that can recognise handwriting with 98% confidence (07/09/2019)
  • release 2 beautiful apps on the Google Play Store (18/08/2018)
  • Develop aninteractive CV based on Angular (20.10.2019)
  • write 4 Data Science Tutorials(PCA, AI, SVM, Deep Learning)
  • Blog series on distraction-free working (02.01.2021)
  • Release 1.0 of FocusOS for dist raction-free working (03.01.2021)
  • Visit Hackathon
    • Opencode Hackathon in Stuttgart (Summer 2018)
    • Hinterland Hack in Bielefeld (summer 2019)
    • Coding Utopia in Berlin (January 2020)
  • Release 1.0 of FocusOS for distraction-free work (03.01.2021)

Between Semiconductors and Quanta

  • Experimenting with RFID chips
  • Setting up fully integreated Docker VM Homelab (31.01.2023)
  • Quantum-safe key exchange on a laptop crack
  • Cracking AES in under 1 minute (Today you can only laugh at it, think of DES)
  • An understandable quantum computer explained Explanation about quantum computers (29.12.2020)
  • develop 1 month in a well-customised Linux VM with 8GB RAM host (Open Suse and Linux Mint goes ! Aug 16, 2019)

🖋 Blog – Tutorials

  • 10 Posts Tutorials over 1000 words with pictures and code
  • 30 Posts Tutorials over 1000 words with pictures and code
  • 50 Posts Tutorials over 1000 words with pictures and code
  • 100 Posts Tutorials over 1000 words with images and code (10.11.2020)
  • 150 Posts Tutorials over 1000 words with images and code (09.11.2021)
  • 200 Posts Tutorials over 1000 words with images and code (15.11.2022)
  • 250 Posts Tutorials over 1000 words with images and code
  • Content production for Stop2Bore with 8x 1000 words posts and with 10x 1000 words posts (25.10.2019)

🔒 Career – Cybersecurity

  1. Write great project paper A 2 and give brilliant presentation (15.11.2019) (or 04.05.2020 after almost 10 months of correction)
  2. Write bachelor thesis on deep learning and cybersecurity preventive measures (31.08.2020)
  3. Find a dual Master’s study place with a top company (20.12.2019)
  4. Complete all exams in the Master (28.07.2022)
  5. Write master’s thesis with great added value for cybersecurity companies (16/08/2022)
  6. PassCompTIA Security+ (23.04.2022)
  7. Start a new job (01.10.2022)
  8. Pass Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

🏈 Sports – Artistic Gymnastics

Training on apparatus

  • Parallel bars: Step into handstand, underswing into support
  • Pommel: Swiss double from circle flank
    • Hiking (15.01.2022)
  • High bar: Voronin out of the stemme
  • Vault: wheel turn + 3/4 turn
  • Floor: Backward Accro
  • Still Rings: Tilt into angle support

Hold straddled angle support

  • Min 30s (25.06.2019 went well)
  • Min 45s
  • Min 60s

Endo roll with arms outstretched and touch the ground

  • Endoroll with crooked arms (15/08/2019)
  • Endo rollwith straight arms (13.02.2020)
  • Endo roll in combination in the exercise

Free flairs on horse

  • 5 (30.5.2019 Went just fine)
  • 10
  • 20

Free handstand push-up

  • 1
  • 3
  • 5
  • 10

Human flag stretched

  • 1s (hold goes well 09.08.2019)
  • 5s
  • 10s
  • 30s

Rings-handstand hold

  • 0.5s (doesn’t look so good yet)
  • 1s (02.03.2020 somehow it worked)
  • 1.5s
  • 2s
  • 5s

X one-arm push-ups with good posture (per side)

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15 (straight hips are important 20.07.2019)
  • 20

Impossible List (Part 2)


Make your own Impossible List?

How can you write your own Impossible List?

  1. Start with the “Why” – What is your purpose in life? What do you want to achieve? What do you want the speaker at your funeral to say about you?
  2. Derive the big goals from the why. Sport, fun and relationships are also part of it, even if your why is e.g. “To save the world from climate catastrophe”. Sport, fun and relationships support you in achieving the big “why”.
  3. Derive smaller goals from the big ones
  4. Reduce the small goals into daily todos, habits and daily decisions.
  5. Add more goals
    1. Travel goals
    2. Meet people
    3. Attend concerts
  6. Update the list at regular intervals

Still don’t have a plan? Read the CVs and biographies of your idols. What skills do they have? What are you missing? How did they start? What goals did they have at the beginning? Additionally, here are more Impossible Lists for inspiration:

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